How to configure Openstack LBaaS manually after Staypuft (Icehouse or RHELOSP5+)

I know I could just set the variable CONFIG_LBAAS_INSTALL to a YES and run packstack to avoid all the manual configuration, but this is not so hard to do and it become very usefull when:

– You want to add the LBaaS service to an existing deployment

– You use Foreman + Staypuft to deploy the multi-node openstack infrastructure

– You just want to understand how it works and all the involved resources

Let’s do it:

NEUTRON SERVER (Controller):

vi /etc/neutron/neutron.conf

service_provider =


service neutron-server restart


HORIZON (Controller)


‘enable_lb': True,

systemctl restart httpd



yum install haproxy

vi /etc/neutron/lbaas_agent.ini

device_driver =

interface_driver = neutron.agent.linux.interface.OVSInterfaceDriver

user_group = nogroup

groupadd nogroup # very important !!!!


Notes regarding floating IPs:

If you have problems adding a floating IP to a LBaaS VIP from Horizon  (some RHELOSP 5 versions) please follow the next steps:

-Configure a VIP using the same local LAN as the Real Servers being balanced

-Generate a new floating IP

-Assign the previously created floating IP to the Local IP used during the VIP configuration (you can also do this using the “add floating ip” option from any instance)

HOWTO configure Openstack Domain Search and Forwarders (icehouse)

First post after a long time.  Hope you enjoy it.

This is something people usually ask me and I would like to share with all of you. This way you can spend more time with your family and less looking for an answer @google : )

Let’s start. Imagine you are building your own private cloud using openstack and you deploy the controller and compute nodes using puppet (foreman or packstack).

But then you deploy the first instance and realize the search domain is generic (usually openstacklocal or yourdomain) and the dns too. Of couse, you can modify the configuration on neutron and add the correct dns servers to every subnets (only valid for DNS). Or you can follow a best practice and predefine this configuration for the whole cloud. Please, find below 4 simple and tested steps on how to configure this on a icehouse openstack deployment. In this case is a lab composed of 2 compute nodes, 1 controller and 1 neutron networker server.

1) On Neutron Server, edit  /etc/neutron/dhcp_client.ini and adapt the following parameters to your network:

# Domain to use for building the hostnames
# dhcp_domain = openstacklocal
dhcp_domain = yourdomain

# Comma-separated list of DNS servers which will be used by dnsmasq
# as forwarders.
dnsmasq_dns_servers =,

2) killall dnsmasq

3) systemctl restart neutron-dhcp-agent.service

4) soft reboot instances